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Labelling of

The correct marking of storage areas in a warehouse contributes to the safety of employees. It also helps to optimise the use of storage space and increases the efficiency of movement, thus increasing the effectiveness of the work itself. Our company offers various forms and distribution of warehouse signage:

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Suspended whiteboards

In order to mark the storage areas of block-stacked and stacked pallets, suitably selected labels and signs must be used.

Suspended labels

Which marking method to choose? There are several options to choose from. Hanging labels, which allow codes to be read from a distance of up to 15 meters, are thebest choice wherever marking storage bays for free-standing pallets is important. Such reading distances can be achieved by selecting the appropriate density of barcode or 2D code, the appropriate board size and a special reflective material.

The method of hanging and the reading distance are each time selected according to the specifics of the warehouse operation, taking into account the customer's equipment, IT system or coding method.

The labels and boards are made of a special material which allows them to be used even in adverse conditions, for example in a deep-freeze warehouse or in the open air. Once installed, labels that are out of the operating range of a forklift truck are actually indestructible, unlike floor labels.

For marking loading docks, ramps or picking areas, suspended cone signs are used, containing the location code on each wall. This is a very convenient form of location marking as it ensures easy and quick reading of the code regardless of the direction of arrival of the forklift operator.