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Labelling of

The correct marking of storage areas in a warehouse contributes to the safety of employees. It also helps to optimise the use of storage space and increases the efficiency of movement, thus increasing the effectiveness of the work itself. Our company offers various forms and distribution of warehouse signage:

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Shelf and rack labels

We manufacture rack labels and shelf labels for permanent and ergonomic warehouse labelling.

How to label high-bay shelving units?

We offer a solution for safe and ergonomic reading of location labels: labels with oblique barcodes that eliminate the risk of misreading, allow a natural positioning of the hand with the terminal/scanner during work, and clearly and aesthetically indicate to which floor the code refers.

Due to the specification of the reading of the codes by linear scanners, the barcodes must not be placed parallel and close together on the same beam. In the case of high bay rack storage, where the number of levels (and codes) is considerable, this is often not possible. For this reason, diagonal barcodes should be used for bulk rack labelling.

What materials to use for shelf labels?

Collective labels are most often produced as self-adhesive stickers made from long-lasting foil, but it is also possible to produce other substrates, such as PVC plates less than 1 mm thick. The plates are useful when the rack beam has deep ribbing. Another type of backing comes in the form of magnetic labels and plates, which are used for mobile locations, that is wherever there is a need to change addresses.

All prints are made using digital printing with permanent UV inks. Thus, the use of colours does not affect the price and helps to ensure proper visualisation, clear perception and fast work in the storage area.

The diagonal codes printed on the label not only allow error-free reading, but also look good.

Sometimes, for various reasons, the use of collective location labels on the beam is not possible, in which case we suggest the use of vertical collective labels attached to the rack leg.

Inventory and shelf labels complement rack labelling.