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Labelling of

The correct marking of storage areas in a warehouse contributes to the safety of employees. It also helps to optimise the use of storage space and increases the efficiency of movement, thus increasing the effectiveness of the work itself. Our company offers various forms and distribution of warehouse signage:

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Line painting

We carry out professional marking of horizontal and vertical markings for warehouses and industrial halls, using chemical-hardening or water-based paints.

How to label a warehouse floor correctly?

In warehouses and production halls, transport routes and pedestrian walkways should be painted with durable and wear-resistant paints.

Line marking in the warehouse is possible by means of spray painting. A diesel-powered or electric high-pressure painter is used for this. Each task is carried out with pre-taping of the lines with cutting tapes, so that we always obtain even and sharp line edges. In addition, this allows the customer to assess the layout of the marking before final painting and to make any corrections.

Which paint to use for painting lines in a warehouse?

As a standard, the lines and markings are painted using:

  • two-component chemically cured paints based on epoxy or polyurethane resins are the most durable method of painting,
  • acrylic solvent paints - otherwise known as road paints, which are less resistant to abrasion but dry within a few hours,
  • water-based ecological road paints - a novelty especially recommended for the food industry.

As a complement to the painting service, we also carry out mechanical or chemical removal of horizontal markings and old or outdated lines.

As a temporary method of horizontal marking, self-adhesive floor labels are used, which can contain any signs and pictograms.